Going international.. Israel prep

Back at the end if last year I applied for a birthright trip. For those unfamiliar, its basically a sponsored trip to Israel. A full itinerary of tours and excursions meeting other Jews from other places. It’s
quite an awesome experience. I’ve had friends who’ve gone and enjoyed it immensely. There are different types of tours you can choose from and different types of groups. The group I’m going with is
Shorashim. My group is chicago based (as am I) and grads and professionals ages 22-26. I came in just under the deadline turning 27 mere days before the cut off date. I’ll probably be the oldest one on the trip and moist likely the only one with a kid. I’m just excited for the experience.

Since I leave in just over 30 days I’m moving right to the fun stuff…… what to pack.

The organizer provided a handy dandy packing list that just covers the basics based on the events they have planned. However, they do allow some free time for going out and “experiencing the local night life.” In other words there’s time for paying out up like a 20 something should in a foreign country…  let’s begin with the basics. Underwear and socks, check.
makeup bag….. check
carry on…. check
And finally my suitcase. It’s gonna be fun packing.
Check out my other posts with pictures..


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