DC Comics’ Diversity Crisis: Why the Status Quo Rules – The Daily Beast

In her recent article ,Liz Watson details the never ending readability of the ever expanding marvel universe. The status quo of the male dominated the Geek-verse and world in which we inhabit is challenged in marvels new installations of Captain America and  Thor.

While I appreciate the “challenge” presented by these adaptations of classically white male roles the fact remains that they are behind the times as well as likely not permanent. As a mainly DC Fangirl and sci-fi /fantasy self proclaimed geek master, my issue is thus.. The changes made by marvel should not be looked upon as some kind of challenge to our delicate comic book reading, video game playing, anti-social, fanboy/girl nerdy way of life. As the large part of the fanbase for the dying art of  hard copy visual media we are in effect not the status quo. We are not the canonists clinging to the white male leads of old.

As a DC reader I appreciate a classic character without having to constantly try to up the ante on heroes who came long before my time. Instead I’d like to see both powerhouses add to their cast of characters. Instead of the lateral expansion of marvel. How about a vertical expansion to both hero lists. Because at the end of the day a web slinging 20 something is still Spider-Man.

Check out her article here.  http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2014/07/20/dc-comics-diversity-crisis-why-the-status-quo-rules.html


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